Licensed Therapists

Leora Black, PhD., LMFT, LCMHC ext. 101

Kasia Brown, MA, LCMHC ext. 102

Kristin Sopronyi, Psychologist-Master ext 104

Judi Daly, LICSW ext. 106

Lynn Bursell, Ed.D., Ed.S., LCMHC

Judd Walbridge, LMFT ext. 110

Nicholas Hunter, Psychologist-Master ext. 111

Barbara Kleinman, LICSW ext. 114

Lani Gerrard, LCMHC ext. 116

Tiffany Trombley, LCMHC ext.103

Counseling Connection Training Institute. Non-Licenced and Non-Certified Psychotherapist's under the supervision of Leora Black Ph.D.

Jason Gamelin, MA ext. 113

Jaclyn Tobi, MA  ext. 117

Virginia Rowland, MS ext. 115

David Fisher, MA (education) ext. 105 

Elizabeth Goss, BA ext. 107 starting 8/12/2019 

Vera Mikhailova, MS ext. 108 

Danielle Long, BS